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 Navigating the Storms.... These are interesting times indeed.   Certainly as an activist, xeloda free delivery things can get very interesting.  Recently one evening after returning from a dinner with friends, xeloda free delivery  I was going to post something on my website.  But there was a slight problem.  My website wasn't there. Xeloda free delivery I clicked on the link again.  Again, xeloda free delivery no conniespage.  Hmmm.......so after a few emails to some folks and a little more diligence I was able to retrieve my site, xeloda free delivery which apparently had been hacked.  The good news was it wasn't too much of a problem to get it up and back on track.  The not so good news was it was both an inconvenience and an invasive act.  Lately, xeloda free delivery I along with others have witnessed a sizable share of website hackings (along with Google censorship) aimed primarily at sites posting information and articles pertaining to Israel and Palestine.     More specifically such websites confronting the abuses and injustices being directed at the Palestinians who continue to be driven from their homes and from their land.  The past year or so I have found myself more interested in the Palestine/Israel region and have subsequently learned how pivotal it is to us in America in so many aspects.  I have found how it directly impacts our own US policy (both domestic and international) in profound ways.    I have also found embarking on such an informational journey doesn't come without its own set of consequences, xeloda free delivery as certainly many others have discovered as well. Xeloda free delivery Since that time, xeloda free delivery I began to post information pertaining to that region.   I learned about Rachel Corrie and other peace activists who have been killed by IDF troops in Gaza.   I learned about situations happening in Gaza which our American press has all but omitted from its coverage.       I learned there are those who are not pleased with websites and bloggers posting information on our sites regarding the volatile situation and treatment of Palestinians in Gaza.  There are those who engage in less than ethical forms of behavior in order to delegitimize, xeloda free delivery marginalize and/or intimidate others from posting information that our media should be covering.   I have learned the subject of Israel and the treatment of the Palestinians is a precarious one with some of my friends.   I have been told that I somehow must "hate Israel" for addressing questions and conflicts of interest regarding the AIPAC lobby and our lawmakers in Washington.  On one occasion I was addressed as being anti-semitic.   Like I said, xeloda free delivery these are interesting times.  With that said, xeloda free delivery I have also learned that the topic of Israel and Palestine is fraught with emotion for many and that should be honored.  However, xeloda free delivery to discourage and intimidate others from discussing any issue, xeloda free delivery dishonors everyones freedom of speech and ulitmately, xeloda free delivery the truth.    xoxo