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Charisma and Self Confidence - how Uno has the "It" Factor http://www.mypetnetwork.tv/files/system/images/uno_the_dog.jpg 'Just because charismatic people focus intensely on others doesn't mean they forget themselves. Zyprexa free delivery Quite the contrary. Zyprexa free delivery The very essence of charisma is projecting unbounded awareness of others while setting rock-solid boundaries. Zyprexa free delivery When an aggressive reporter pushed a microphone into Uno's face, zyprexa free delivery Uno unapologetically crunched it with his teeth before moving on to more courteous admirers. Zyprexa free delivery He showed none of the angry, zyprexa free delivery aggressive boundary setting born of low confidence. Zyprexa free delivery Like any true charismatic, zyprexa free delivery he had mastered the art of the clean response—in his case, zyprexa free delivery a cheerful chomp.' - Martha Beck Martha Beck/ Oprah.com     I've never really followed popular culture; my finger is on the pulse of things like 19th-century literature (which no longer has one). But the instant I saw a photo of one particular newly minted celebrity, zyprexa free delivery I became a die-hard fan. It's not that his looks are especially unusual. Zyprexa free delivery You could pass someone like him on the street without even noticing. Nor does he possess any special talents. And yet, zyprexa free delivery he's got that It factor. Whatever he's doing—striding past paparazzi, zyprexa free delivery greeting a cheering crowd, zyprexa free delivery or licking a reporter—Uno the beagle embodies pure charisma. Uno was the first of his breed to win the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. His victory was remarkable because beagles are so...basic. They're the white cotton T-shirts of dogdom—they've got nothing to brush, zyprexa free delivery fluff, zyprexa free delivery or style—but when Uno took Best in Show, zyprexa free delivery the crowd leaped up in a wild ovation. Newscasters announced his victory with goofy smiles. Everyone loved Uno's extraordinary brand of ordinariness. I've always learned from beagles: Charles Schulz's cartoon character Snoopy sweetened my childhood, zyprexa free delivery and my dear departed Cookie taught me worlds about my core values of peace, zyprexa free delivery affection, zyprexa free delivery and gluttony. But I've discovered new lessons by studying Uno's personal magnetism, zyprexa free delivery and I've come to believe that there's no better way to amp up your charisma than to follow his example. Actually, zyprexa free delivery scratch that. You don't really need to learn charisma, zyprexa free delivery any more than you need to learn laughter. I believe every human being is innately charismatic. Babies squint out from their unfathomably open minds with a fierce, zyprexa free delivery ravenous wonder that makes it impossible not to stare back. But within a few months, zyprexa free delivery or a few years, zyprexa free delivery many children mask their real selves. Charisma, zyprexa free delivery you see, zyprexa free delivery draws attention, zyprexa free delivery and attention can be a problem. For example, zyprexa free delivery by age 5 Melanie had learned to shrink and disappear when her mother went into drunken tantrums at home or, zyprexa free delivery worse, zyprexa free delivery in public. Zyprexa free delivery Ellyn was bullied by schoolmates who envied the way she drew her teachers' focus, zyprexa free delivery so she taught herself not to. Perfectionistic Lisette deflected attention because she feared that anyone who noticed her would notice her shortcomings. This is why a number of us reach adolescence behaving more like whipped puppies than Westminster champions. In Marianne Williamson's immortal words, zyprexa free delivery "Your playing small doesn't serve the world."   To read more of Martha Beck's article, zyprexa free delivery go to: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Charisma-and-Self-Confidence-Martha-Becks-Strategy/print/1